The MINUTES of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held in the Board Room, Town Hall, Derby Road, Peel on Tuesday 3rd May 2005 at 7.00 p.m.


Present                         Mr. J E Lightfoot (Chairman)

                                    Mrs. T M Birkett

                                    Mr. T M Crookall

                                    Mr. R Gimbert

                                    Ms. P Hardman

                                    Mr. D J Lace

                                    Mrs. C A Moughtin

                                    Mrs. P Pugh

                                    Mrs. P S Sweeney


In attendance                Mr. P G Leadley (Town Clerk)


APPOINTMENT           04/001                In accordance with Standing Order number 3(a)

OF CHAIRMAN                                       the retiring Deputy Chairman, Mr. J E Lightfoot was appointed Chairman of the Peel Town Commissioners for the municipal year 2005/2006. 


                                                                  Mr. Lightfoot was invested with the Chain of Office by the Retiring Chairman, Mr. T M Crookall.  Mr. Lightfoot chaired the reminder of the meeting.


                                                                  Mr. Lightfoot addressed the meeting and thanked the outgoing Chairman Mr. Crookall for his work on behalf of the Commissioners and the town.  The Chairman referred to the town undergoing a period of change and it was important that the new residents were welcomed and that the community spirit for which Peel was noted continued.  The Chairman wished to work closely with Mrs. Hannan, MHK to bring employment opportunities and a better future to the town.  Perennial problems of litter and dog fouling needed to be addressed and it was hoped that the appointment of a new town warden would further reduce this problem.  The Chairman appealed to the residents to take a pride in the town. 


DEPUTY                        05/002                On the proposal of Mrs. Sweeney and seconded

CHAIRMAN                                             by Mrs. Birkett it was AGREED that Mr. D J Lace be elected Deputy Chairman of the Commissioners for the municipal year 2005/2006. 


TOWN MEMBERS       05/003                On the proposal of Mrs. Moughtin and seconded by Mrs. Pugh it was AGREED that Mr. T E Leece and Mr. S Knight be elected Town Members for the municipal year 2005/2006.


LEAD MEMBERS         05/004                It was AGREED that the following members of the Commissioners be appointed as lead members as follows:-


                                                                  Finance – Mrs. P S Sweeney

                                                                  Works – Mr. T M Crookall

                                                                  Housing – Mrs. P Pugh

                                                                  Recreation – Mrs. T M Birkett


APPOINTMENTS         05/005                It was AGREED that the following members of

TO OUTSIDE BODIES                            the Commissioners be appointed to the following outside bodies:-


                                                                  Manx National Heritage – Mr. D J Lace

                                                                  Western Civic Amenity Site – Mr. R M Gimbert

                                                                  Western Pool Authority – Mr. T M Crookall

                                                                  Peel and Western District Housing Committee – Mr. J E Lightfoot and Mrs. P Pugh

                                                                  Police Consultative Forum – Ms. P Hardman

                                                                  Peel Heritage Trust – Mr. J E Lightfoot and Mr. T M Crookall


MINUTES                      05/006                The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2005 were taken as read and CONFIRMED.


PARISH                         05/007                The Town Clerk referred to Minute 04/502 and

PARTNERSHIP                                        updated the Members on his recent attendance at a meeting organised by the Department of Transport regarding the Parish Partnership Scheme.  It was noted that the Department had obtained some electronic notice boards to encourage slower speeds within the speed limit areas.  The various authorities would be able to utilise the equipment by rotation.  It was noted that the trial run organised in Malew Parish had proved to be successful in reducing vehicular speed. 




VOCATIONAL             05/008                Members considered a consultative document

TRAINING STRATEGY                           issued by the Department of Trade and Industry with regard to a vocational training strategy.  Comments were sought on the document by 13th June 2005 and Mrs. Birkett indicated that she wished to make her own response in due course.  Mrs. Sweeney commented on the fact that efforts still appeared to concentrate on the finance sector and not on traditional trade apprenticeships.  Members AGREED to give further consideration to the document prior to the possible submission of views by the deadline date of 13th June 2005. 


PLANNING                   05/009                The following planning applications were

APPLICATIONS                                      considered:-


                                                                  PA 05/0665/B Erection of four lock up private storage units, Patrick Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                                  PA 05/0670/B Proposed conversion of existing basement, ground and first floor levels into flats, together with extension to form additional flat, Creg Malin Hotel, The Promenade, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                                  PA 05/00676/B Re-development of un-used nursing home to create 3 x 2 bedroom apartments, Elm Bank House, 35 Christian Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                                  PA 05/00701/B Construct wooden decking to replace original fence, 1 Peveril Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                                  PA 05/00704/B Erection of an extension to replace existing conservatory, reduction of dormer width, and installation of three roof lights on rear elevation, 11 Close Quane, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                                  PA 05/00720/B Amendment to approved extension to provide double external doors to replace single, 8 Ballaterson Crescent, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                                  PA 05/0730/B Revisions to previously approved residential site layout to include additional dwelling, land between Rheast Lane and The Links, South of Rheast Lane, Peel. The application was discussed at some length and Members expressed the view that once an approval had been given it should not then be subject to further amendment by the submission of additional planning applications to increase the number of properties on the proposed site.  It was AGREED that a letter of objection be sent to the Planning Committee accordingly.


PLANNING                   05/010                The following decisions had been notified by

DECISIONS NOTIFIED                          the Planning Committee:-


                                                                  PA 05/00078/B First floor extension, internal and window alterations to provide twenty five self contained apartments in lieu of the existing thirty bedsit units, Westlands, Peel for Peel and Western District Housing Committee.  APPROVED


                                                                  PA 05/00315/B Installation of uPVC casement windows to replace existing on rear elevation, 10 Duke Street, Peel for Mrs. Carole Spencer.  APPROVED.


                                                                  PA 05/00285/B Conversion of existing integral garage to living accommodation and erection of a detached replacement garage at Plot 6, The Links, Peel for Mr. Jack Beecham.  APPROVED.


                                                                  PA 05/00096/B Erection of a flat roof link between kitchen/utility and conservatory to rear, 28 St. Germans Place, Peel for Mrs. V Walker and Dr. B Redfearn.  APPROVED


                                                                  PA 05/00032/B Creation of a lorry park with associated storm water drainage via a petrol interceptor and security fencing, site adjacent to Power Station car park and Brickworks Yard, Mill Road, Peel for Peel Town Commissioners.  APPROVED.


                                                                  PA 04/02400/B Amendments to previously approved house types on Plots 9 – 12, 41 – 44 and 17 – 18 (approved under PA 00/02395), alteration to plot boundaries for plots 13 – 16, erection of boundary fence and erection of electricity sub station, land off Glenfaba Road, Glenfaba Road, Peel for Heritage Homes Limited.  APPROVED


                                                                  PA 04/02208/B Conversion of existing butchers shop into a restaurant and erection of external sign on front elevation, 6 Atholl Place, Peel for Mr. C Kelly.  APPROVED


                                                                  PA 05/00024/B Amendments to approved residential development 00/02395 consisting of changed dwelling types to plots 17 – 26 and the addition of two plots, field 311797 and part field 311792, land off Glenfaba Road (adjoining Cronk Reayrt, Creggans Avenue and Corrins Way), Glenfaba Road, Peel for Heritage Homes Limited.  REFUSED


                                                                  PA 04/02566/B Erection of a two storey extension to rear of property, 6 Bridge Street, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. Kneen.  REFUSED


                                                                  PA 04/02282/A On Review – Approval in principle for a residential development of six town houses on derelict land, and workshop, Stanley Road, Peel for Peel Properties Limited.  REFUSED


                                                                  PA 04/02025/B On Review – Access road to site adjacent to South View, Poortown Road, Peel for Premier Homes IOM.  REFUSED


PUBLIC HEALTH         05/011                Members noted receipt of a letter issued by the

ACT 1990                                                 Environmental Health Officer on behalf of the Commissioners to Mr. & Mrs. Gadsby, 7 Derby Drive, Peel in respect of a reported allegation relating to smoke penetration into the adjacent property at 8 Derby Drive.  It was noted that the work to rectify the problem was being attended to by Mr. & Mrs. Gadsby.


BEACH CLEANING     05/012                Members noted receipt of information given to Tynwald by the Minister for the Department of Local Government and the Environment in relation to responsibility of local authorities with regard to beach cleaning.  NOTED


MANX MULTI-             05/013                The Town Clerk referred to a letter from the

MEDIA CENTRE                                      Manx Multi-media Centre which would undertake some filming on Peel beach on Sunday 8th May between the hours of 9.00am and 11.00am.   APPROVED


ISLE OF MAN               05/014                Consideration was given to a letter from the

CHILDRENS CENTRE Play Work Development Officer at the Isle of Man Children’s Centre.  The centre organised a mobile play scheme for children aged 5 – 11 years during school holidays.  This scheme had been popular over the Easter period and had operated at various venues throughout the Island including Castletown, Kirk Michael, Ramsey and Jurby.  It appeared that several parents had requested that a venue in Peel be found to enable the scheme to take place within the town.  A request had been made for the use of the headlands playing field during the TT fortnight on the afternoon of Tuesday 31st May and the morning of Wednesday 8th June 2005.  Mrs. Moughtin expressed some concern at the traffic implications during the busy TT period.  However it was noted that the scheme was under supervision and after consideration it was AGREED to approve the request.


ROTARY CLUB            05/015                The Town Clerk referred to a letter from the

OF RAMSEY                                            Rotary Club of Ramsey regarding the staging of Milntown in May.  The event would be held on 22nd May and would be open to the public.  It was AGREED that the poster produced by the Rotary Club be displayed on the Town Hall notice board.


GAMING                       05/016                Consideration was given to an application made

(AMENDMENT) ACT 1984                     by David Grogan Limited of Island Bet Direct regarding the request for two amusement with prize machines to be sited at 8 Douglas Street, Peel.  The Commissioners had no objection to the request and it was AGREED to advise the Isle of Man Gambling Control Commissioners accordingly.


TT HOMESTAY            05/017                Ms. Hardman enquired as to the situation regarding local authority tenants profiting from the Department of Tourism TT Homestay Scheme.  The matter was discussed and it was noted that the Department had previously approved the use local authority housing for the TT Homestay Scheme.


ROAD TRAFFIC           05/018                The Town Clerk referred Members to a draft

REGULATIONS ACT 1985                     order entitled “Peel (various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No) Order 2005” which provided for a reserved parking place fronting 34 Patrick Street, Peel.  Members had no objection to the draft order.


                                                                  This part of the meeting ended at 7.50p.m.