The MINUTES of a BOARD MEETING held in the Board Room, Town Hall, Derby Road, Peel on Wednesday 4th April 2007 at 7.00p.m.


Present                         Mr. D J Lace (Chairman)

                                    Mrs. T M Birkett  

                                    Ms. P Hardman

                                    Mrs. C A Moughtin

                                    Mrs. P Pugh

                                    Mrs. P S Sweeney       


Apologies                     Mr. I Baker

                                    Mr. J E Lightfoot  

                                    Mr. R M Gimbert


In attendance                Mr. P G Leadley (Town Clerk)


MINUTES                   06/453               The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th March 2007 were taken as read and CONFIRMED.


ANTIQUES                 06/454               The Town Clerk referred back to Minute

AND ARTS CENTRE 06/426 and indicated that a new catalogue and price list from David Ogilvie Limited had been obtained and posted to Peel Heritage Trust for consideration in respect of a joint venture to obtain a fingerpost sign at the new harbour footbridge.  NOTED


RENT AND                 06/455               The Town Clerk referred back to Minute

ALLOWANCES 2007                          06/0432 and indicated that consideration would need to be given to the implications, particularly regarding staffing, if the Commissioners were to embark upon the Department of Local Government and the Environment’s requirements for benchmarking and closer liaison with tenants which would result in an increased administration allowance of 7 ½ %.  NOTED


SEWAGE IN               06/456               Reference was made back to Minute 06/434

PEEL HARBOUR                                 and Members were of the view that a request be made to the Government Analyst to ascertain whether water sampling can be taken from the harbour as well as the bay. 


WATER                       06/457               Members noted receipt of a letter and request

POLLUTION ACT 1993                      from the Department of Local Government and the Environment to review the existing discharge licence for Peel.  The consultation was required under Section 5 of the Water Pollution Act 1993 and it was noted that input was not required specifically although comment could be made if the Commissioners so wished.  It was AGREED to advise the Department of the estimated population of the Town consequent upon its expansion over recent years. 


                                                              A general discussion ensued over sewage matters and it AGREED that a meeting be sought with Mr. Winstanley, Director of Drainage to discuss the IRIS Scheme relevant to Peel in due course. 


WATER                       06/458               The Town Clerk updated Members on the

SEPARATION SCHEME                     current position regarding the contract held by Auldyn Limited in respect of the water separation scheme.  It was noted that the scheme was currently on target for completion in May 2007.  NOTED


PROPOSED HOTEL  06/459               The Town Clerk advised that the Department

MARINE PARADE                              of Local Government and the Environment had decided to hold a public hearing with regard to the Commissioners application to sell a portion of land at Marine Parade to Street Heritage Limited for the development of an hotel/apartment block.  The hearing was scheduled for 3rd May 2007 at 10.00a.m. and Mr. Dudley Butt, MLC Member of the Department would preside over the public hearing.  NOTED


COMMUNITY           06/460               Members noted receipt of a letter from Mr.

PRIDE                                                   Steve Willoughby, Clerk to the Community Pride Steering Committee concerning the desire for a clean and tidy environment on the Island. 


                                                              Arising therefrom Mrs. Pugh outlined the work of the Peel Clean Team in terms of keeping Peel tidy and free of litter.  It was noted that a meeting was scheduled for 27th April 2007 and Mrs. Pugh undertook to attend and present the Commissioners case for the work undertaken by the Peel Clean Team. 


LITTER BINS             06/461               Consideration was given to a request from a Caroline Smith who was concerned at the amount of litter found on the Ballaquane Road and in the adjacent stables field.  She was concerned as the litter could cause a problem to her horses that were in the field.  The matter was discussed and it was accepted that additional litter bins along Derby Road in the vicinity of Ballaquane would be of benefit.  It was also AGREED to undertaken the replacement of the missing seats/benches.


42 NORTH VIEW       06/462               Consideration was given to a letter from Mr. Parry of 42 North View who had certain concerns regarding the condition of his tenanted property.  The Town Clerk outlined the amount of work undertaken at this property over the recent years including major work to install central heating and replace windows.  It was noted that under the planned maintenance programme the rear out-houses may be connected into the property to extend the size of the kitchens.  It was however noted that this work would not be scheduled for completion until three or four years time. 


PLANNING                06/463               The following planning applications were

APPLICATIONS FOR COMMENT    considered for comment as follows:-


                                                              PA 07/00396/B Installation of replacement windows and doors to front and rear elevations, Derby Lodge, and 1 to 3a Derby Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00395/B Installation of replacement windows and doors to front and rear elevations, 6,8,10 Beach Street and 16 and 16a Shore Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00403/B Installation of an air conditioning unit, 9 Atholl Place, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00409/B Installation of replacement windows and doors to front and rear elevations, 24 Stanley Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00468/B Erection of industrial building, land at Fish Yards, Mill Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00490/B Erection of two town houses to replace existing garage, office and yard, Lewis’s Yard, Gawnes Court, Boilley Spittal Lane, Peel. Concern was expressed over this application with regard to access issues and the fact that the rear lane was used by children from Boilley Spittal.  In addition the Commissioners retained concerns over sewerage disposal at the present time and it was AGREED that these points be made in a letter of objection to the Planning Committee.


                                                              PA 07/00507/B Demolition of existing outhouse in rear garden and erection of a rear extension and front porch, 40 St. Germans Place, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00509/B Installation of replacement windows and doors to front elevation Peel Sailing and Cruising Club, Promenade, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00513/B Installation of patio doors to replace existing, rear ground floor windows, 8 Creggans Avenue, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


PLANNING                06/464               The following decisions had been notified by

DECISIONS NOTIFIED                      the Planning Committee:-


                                                              PA 06/02215/B Alteration to roof of Longhouse including installation of additional roof lights at Quirk Coalyard, Smithy Site, Viking Longhouse and Harbour View, East Quay, Peel for Street Heritage Limited.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00050/B Erection of a conservatory on north-west elevation 3 Albany Close, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. T Gallagher.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00074/C Change of use from retail shop to estate agency, 9 Christian Street, Peel for Harmony Homes.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/02161/B Erection of a single storey extension on side elevation, 9 Cushag Drive, Ballawattleworth Estate, Peel for Mr. M Crompton.  APPROVED


PA 06/01730/A           06/465               Members noted receipt of a letter from the

ON APPEAL                                        Planning Appeals Office indicating that an Appeal against refusal of approval in principle for the erection of twenty detached dwellings and six (affordable) semi-detached dwellings, land adjacent to Croit Ny Greiney, Douglas Road, Peel had been submitted by Mr. B K Corlett.  NOTED  It was AGREED to make no further comment on the application.


PA 06/1761                 06/466               Members noted receipt of an Appeal decision

ON APPEAL                                        with regard to Mr. Quayle’s planning application for the creation of a front door step, enlargement of rear dormer windows (amendments to approved planning application 05/00765/B) and retention of increased ridge height, site adjacent to 17 and the eastern end of Circular Road, Peel.  The Minister concurred with the Inspector’s decision and accepted the recommendation that the Appeal should be dismissed and that approval for the application be confirmed.  NOTED


HONDA DAY             06/467               The Town Clerk advised that Honda UK representatives were prepared to meet the Commissioners on Thursday 12th April 2007 at 11.30a.m. NOTED


ROAD SAFETY          06/468               The Town Clerk referred to a request from the Road Safety Unit of the Highways Division seeking approval to erect 8ft by 4ft billboards containing a road safety message at the Campsite.  AGREED


                                                              It was further AGREED to enquire whether additional signs could be displayed at other locations in and around the Town. 


DISC PARKING         06/469               The Town Clerk indicated that the proposed new disc parking regulations promoted by the Highways Division of the Department of Transport had been objected to by Mr. Fred Crowe of Harbour Lights, Shore Road, Peel.  NOTED


                                                              Ms. Hardman commented on disc parking and wished to express her concern that an extension of disc parking in Peel should be discouraged as she felt that it would prevent new visitors from driving into Peel as there was presently inadequate long term parking available.  The Chairman noted Ms. Hardman’s objections to disc parking but advised that the Commissioners had already indicated its general support for the new provisions proposed by Mr. Hannay, Director of Highways.


                                                              Arising therefrom Mrs. Birkett enquired as to the progress over the possible provision of a bus service to the Ballawattleworth Estate.  The Town Clerk undertook to check on progress of this matter.


VIKING                      06/470               Consideration was given to a request from the

LONGBOAT RACES                           Department of Transport, Highways Division to comment upon the proposed road closure for the annual Viking Longboat Races scheduled for 4th August 2007.  Members had no objection to the proposed closure and it was AGREED to advise the Department accordingly. 



PHILIP CHRISTIAN  06/471               Mrs. Pugh updated Members on a recent

CENTRE                                               meeting with the representatives of the Isle of Man Children’s Centre, tenants of the Philip Christian Centre.  It was noted that a joint effort to bring the Philip Christian Centre up to an acceptable standard had been undertaken and it was anticipated that the property would shortly be ready for occupation by the Isle of Man Children’s Centre with regard to its various initiatives in terms of its use as a community centre.


PORT ERIN                06/472               Consideration was given to an invitation from

COMMISSIONERS                             the Clerk to Port Erin Commissioners for the Chairman, Members and Staff to view the new Commissioners offices at 12 Bridson Street, Port Erin on 26th April 2007 from 2.30p.m. to 4.30p.m. or from 6.00p.m. to 8.00p.m.  NOTED.


                                                              This part of the meeting ended at 7.45p.m.