The MINUTES of a BOARD MEETING held in the Board Room, Town Hall, Derby Road, Peel on Wednesday 7th February 2007 at 7.00p.m.


Present                         Mr. D J Lace (Chairman)

                                    Mr. I H Baker

                                    Mrs. T M Birkett  

                                    Mr. R M Gimbert

                                    Ms. P Hardman

                                    Mr. J E Lightfoot

                                    Mrs. C A Moughtin

                                    Mrs. P Pugh

                                    Mrs. P S Sweeney                               


In attendance                Mr. P G Leadley (Town Clerk)


BOUNDARY              06/389               Further consideration was given to the request

REVIEW                                               for consultation on proposed review of the constituency boundaries for the Isle of Man.  Mr. Lightfoot sought clarification as to whether it was intended that the Island be represented by twenty four members in the Keys or thirty two.  Comment was made in favour of Peel being extended to a two member constituency due to its increase in population.  It was further indicated that the Town should not be split into individual wards. 


                                                              Subject to clarification on the proposed membership of the House of Keys it was AGREED to defer the matter to the next meeting on 22nd February 2007 when the matter would be given consideration. 


PUBLIC                      06/390               Consideration was given to a consultation

HEALTH (TOBACCO) ACT               document from the Department of Local

2006                                                      Government and the Environment concerning proposed new regulations over smoking in enclosed public spaces.  It was noted that the intention was to introduce regulations on the 30th March 2008.  After consideration it was AGREED that no comment be made on the proposed Orders.  Mr. Lightfoot was of the opinion that a bespoke solution particularly relating to the Manx situation should be reflected in the Orders as opposed to taking on board legislation from the United Kingdom and Eire. 


STREET                      06/391               The Town Clerk referred to a letter from Mr. E

LIGHTING                                           Moffatt of 8 Close Quane, Peel who referred to the inadequacy of the current street lighting in Close Quane and requested that the position be improved.  It was AGREED that the Technical Officer carry out an inspection of Close Quane prior to any further consideration of the matter.  Mr. Moffatt had also referred to the poor condition of the pavements and it was AGREED that this matter be referred to the Department of Transport, Highways Division.


T.T. HOMESTAY       06/392               Mrs. Moughtin proposed that a letter be issued to all Commissioners tenants indicating that if they wished to take part in the Department of Tourism’s T.T. Homestay scheme for 2007 that they could do so under a blanket approval without recourse to writing to the Commissioners on an individual basis.  It was AGREED that the draft letter prepared by the Town Clerk be issued with the amendment that any tenant must remain in occupation during the period in question.


DOGS ACT                 06/393               The Town Clerk tabled a final draft of the new

1990                                                      byelaws under the Dogs Act 1990.  It was AGREED that a consultation notice be issued seeking views of dog owners on the proposed amendments to the existing dog control byelaws.  It was noted that the intention was to introduce new byelaws by 1st May 2007.  NOTED


HOUSING (FLATS)   06/394               After consideration it was AGREED to register,

REGULATIONS 1982                          under the 1982 regulations, the flat at Magher Breek, Ballawattleworth Estate, Peel.


PLANNING                06/395               The following planning applications were

APPLICATIONS (FOR COMMENT) considered by the Commissioners:-


                                                              PA 07/00050/B Erection of a conservatory on north-west elevation, 3 Albany Close, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 06/01013/B Installation of an air-conditioning unit on first floor external wall, 9 Atholl Place, Peel (re-advertised due to amended plans).  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00074/B Change of use from retail shop to estate agency, 9 Christian Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00079/B Installation of uPVC sliding sash windows to front and side and uPVC casement windows to rear elevation to replacement existing, 8 Atholl Place, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00090/B Construction of a second floor balcony to replace existing lean-to roof on rear elevation, 23 Castle Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00137/B Retention of additional garden shed and access from back land, 40 St. Germans Place, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00177/B Demolition of part of rear outlet and erection of a replacement extension, 58 Patrick Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00181/B Extensions to existing bungalow to provide additional living accommodation, 10 Mourne View, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00185/B Alterations and erection of a first floor extension, 63 Kerroo Coar, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/00197/B Approval to discharge condition one of PA 05/00665/R to retain containers, Heathfield Yard, Patrick Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


PLANNING                06/396               The following planning decisions had been

DECISIONS NOTIFIED                      notified by the Planning Committee:-


                                                              PA 06/01960/B Erection of a first floor extension over existing garage and utility room Westhaven, Mourne View, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. Gorry.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/01836/B Alterations and erection of a two storey extension Cronk Airh, Corner of Tynwald Road and Albany Road, Peel for Mr. P Kniveton and Miss F Reeves.  APPROVED.


                                                              PA 06/01810/B Installation of uPVC casement window to replace existing 26, Derby Road, Peel for Mr. I G Davison.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/01919/B Erection of a single storey kitchen extension to rear and conversion of garage to provide a playroom, Fy Yerrey, Derby Drive, Peel for Mr. J Kneen.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/02100/R Retention of a ventilation unit and housing, 3 Peveril Terrace, Peel for Mrs. J O’Hanolin.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/01798/B Erection of a single storey utility room extension of side elevation, 5 Albany Close, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. Hardman.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/01956/B Installation of roof mounted air duct work and fans, Peel Clothworkers School, Derby Road, Peel for Department of Education.  APROVED


                                                              PA 06/01973/B Removal of existing and installation of a new window on rear elevation, 19 Peveril Road, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. J Boyes.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/02025/B Installation of timber sliding sash and fixed cellar window to replace existing on front elevation, 29 Factory Lane, Peel for Mr. Clucas. 


                                                              PA 06/02000/B Extension to kitchen, installation of two roof lights and installation of French doors to replace window on rear elevation, 17 Mona Street, Peel for Ms. A Barua and Mr. K Ford.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/02069/B Installation of a metal gate to replace existing side entrance door, 7 Lake Lane, Peel for Mrs. J K Souther.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/01761/B Creation of front door step, enlargement of rear dormer windows and retention of increased ridge height, site adjacent to 17 and at the eastern end of Circular Road, Peel for Mr. R B M Quayle.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/01628/B Alterations to property including removal of rear extension, creation of additional doors and windows and erection of a timber bridge to rear elevation, 18 Bridge Street, Peel for Mr. T Durrant.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 06/01377/B Retention of advertising signage at Shamyr Hey Tearooms, 41 Michael Street, Peel for Icemann Food Service Limited.  REFUSED


                                                              PA 06/01658/B Construction of two single storey light industrial units, creation of additional car parking, landscaping and widening of site entrance, land off Stanley Mount, Peel for Peel Properties Limited.  REFUSED


                                                              PA 06/01768/B Alterations and erection of a two storey extension to side elevation and a single storey extension to rear, 19 Market Street, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. Atcheson.  REFUSED


PA 06/99                     06/397               The Town Clerk advised that the Appeal in

ON APPEAL                                        respect of the new extraction system to rear elevation at 16 Michael Street, Peel be dismissed and that the Minister concluded with the appointed persons recommendation thereon allowing the extraction system to be installed. 


PA 05/92153/B            06/398               The Town Clerk advised that the Appeal in

ON APPEAL                                        respect of the residential development comprising of 173 dwellings including elderly person housing, roads, landscaping and sewers at Ballwattleworth Farm, Derby Road, Peel was considered by the Minister and he concurred with the appointed persons conclusions and dismissed the Appeal against approval. 


PA 06/01214/B            06/399               The Town Clerk advised that an Appeal in

ON APPEAL                                        respect of the conversion of a garage/workshop into living accommodation and a rear extension at 8 Circular Road, Peel had been heard and that the Minister concurred with the appointed persons conclusion and accepted the recommendation that the Appeal be dismissed and that approval be given subject to an additional condition as set out in paragraph 23 of the report. 


ADOPTION                06/400              Members noted receipt of a further letter from

OF PUBLIC OPEN                              Mr. Joe McLoughlin of Heritage Homes

SPACES                                               Limited dated 8th January 2007 in which the company wished to establish the principle of the Commissioners adopting, in due course, car parking spaces dedicated to the sheltered housing scheme.  AGREED


RECYCLING              06/401               Mr. Gimbert referred to his e-mail which

SCHEME                                              contained information concerning the cost of recycling boxes at £3 each.  It was noted that blue bags were £1 each together with an £80 - £90 per pallet collection charge.  To undertake any form of kerbside recycling would involve additional employment costs.  Mr. Lightfoot referred to the extensive conservation area within the Town and the likely environmental impact of a kerbside recycling scheme with additional receptacles left on the kerbside pavement.  In Mr. Lightfoot’s opinion separation should occur at the incinerator.  It was noted that to date the response to the proposed trial run was disappointing.  Mrs. Birkett made a plea to the Press to generate additional interest in a proposed trial run and Mrs. Sweeney requested that residents should ensure their wheelie bins were not left on the pavement.  


HOUSING                  06/402               The Town Clerk advised Members that the

CONFERENCE                                    annual Housing Forum and Conference had been organised by the Department of Local Government and the Environment to take place on Friday 2nd March 2007 at the Villa Marina.  The conference would centre on quality of service and accountability linked to value for money and to demonstrate such objectives it was imperative that performance standards were set and managed effectively.  NOTED


REAYRT                     06/403               Reference was made to the proposed outer

AALIN                                                  painting of the Reayrt Aalin Estate.  Mr. Gimbert referred to the matter and indicated that he had received a letter from three residents of Reayrt Aalin enquiring as to the lack of progress with regard to this maintenance scheme.  The Town Clerk reported that a meeting had been arranged for 12th February 2007 at which the Technical Officer would attend in the presence of Mr. Andrew Thomas of the Department of Local Government and the Environment and Miss Karen Horncastle of Ashley Petitt, Architects.  The meeting would centre on the two options proposed by Mr. Gray, Structural Engineer to alleviate the cracking problem in the external render.  A report would be made to the Board consequent upon the outcome of the meeting on the 12th February 2007.


ST. PETERS                06/404               Mr. Lightfoot referred to the poor condition of

CHURCH YARD                                  the whitewashed wall surrounding St. Peters Church Yard and the Town Clerk advised that it was in the process of being costed out for repainting. 


MICHAEL                   06/405               Reference was made to the lack of progress in

STREET                                                the completion of the resurfacing job on Michael Street road surface.  It was AGREED that contact be made with Mr. Hannay, Director of Highways and Colas to ascertain when the work would be completed. 


DOG FOULING         06/406               Mrs. Pugh referred to the absence of the Town

AND STREET CLEANING                 Warden on sick leave and indicated that it had been noticeable that during her absence the amount of dog fouling had increased.  This indicated the value of the Town Warden in assisting in keeping the Town clean.


                                                              Arising therefrom it was noted that the two day moratorium on cleaning the streets be deferred to the weekend of 17th and 18th February 2007. 


                                                              This part of the meeting ended at 8.10p.m.