The MINUTES of the GENERAL MEETING held in the Board Room, Town Hall, Derby Road, Peel on Wednesday 4th July 2007 at 7.00p.m.


Present                         Mrs. P S Sweeney (Chairman)

                                    Mrs. T M Birkett  

                                    Mr. R M Gimbert

                                    Ms. P Hardman

                                    Mr. D J Lace

                                    Mr. J E Lightfoot

                                    Mrs. P Pugh


Apologies                     Mrs. C A Moughtin

                                    Mr. I Baker


In attendance                Mr. P G Leadley (Town Clerk)


CHAIRMAN’S           07/090               The Chairman welcomed the Press and

WELCOME                                          Members of the public to the meeting.  She wished to thank Mr. Lightfoot who presented the bowls prizes on her behalf at the Peel Bowling Club and also wished to extend her thanks to the organisers of the recent Hounds of the Baskerville play which attracted a large audience and appeared successful.  Finally she wished to thank Mr. Gimbert and his fellow organisers regarding the staging of the Viking Festival on Peel foreshore. 


MINUTES                   07/091               The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th June 2007 were taken as read and CONFIRMED.


DISC PARKING         07/092               Mrs. Sweeney referred to the proposed introduction of parking restrictions in certain areas of the town including the Promenade and indicated that the Town Clerk had recently e-mailed Mr. Hannay, Director of Highways regarding the Commissioners concerns over the lack of resident permits.  It was noted that no response had been received to date.  There was a consensus view that additional consultation with the general public was required and it was noted that a letter had been received from Mr. F Crowe requesting a public meeting to discuss residents concerns over this matter.  On the basis that a public meeting would be held it was accepted that Mr. Hannay or one of his fellow officers would be required to attend and it was AGREED in the meantime that the Town Clerk contact the Department of Transport so that a future date could be arranged and hopefully announced at the meeting on the 19th July 2007.


                                                              Reference was made to the traffic plan for the Town and it was noted that the Commissioners were anxious to resolve the traffic issues in Peel. 


RAGGATT                  07/093               The Town Clerk indicated that he had obtained

LANDFILL                                           some information from the Government Analyst’s Department concerning the discharge figures from The Raggatt site.  It was anticipated that more regular information would be obtained from the Analyst’s Department in future. 


SURFACE                   07/094               Members noted receipt of the Stage 7

WATER SEPARATION SCHEME      Report in respect the Surface Water Separation Scheme. 


                                                              The Town Clerk advised that he understood the Phase 2 work involving the laying of a main from Peel Clothworkers School to its junction with Albany Road was scheduled for the 23rd July 2007.  Members expressed concern that no public notification had yet been given and that there was a need for the likes of Shoprite Store, the Corrin Home and others affected by the road works to be consulted. 


HIGHWAYS ACT      07/095               Consideration was given to an application by

1986                                                      the licencee of the Creek Inn under Section 78 of the Highways Act 1986 to set out tables and chairs on the highway in front of the Creek Inn. 


                                                              The matter had been advistised for 28 days as required and a number of residents had submitted their views on the application together with a petition organised by the licencee of the Creek Inn in support of the request.  The matter was discussed at length and it was noted that an issue had arisen over the possible ownership of the land immediately in front of the Creek Inn. The Town Clerk indicated that under the approval for a licence to sell alcohol the Court had permitted the setting out of tables and chairs immediately in front of the doorway to the public house.  Members had however expressed concern that additional land part of the highway, had been taken for tables and chairs particularly during the TT period.  Members expressed the need for every available car parking space within the Town to ease the problem of car parking in Peel and after further discussion the Chairman accepted a proposal by Mr. Lightfoot that the line of the original approval via the Licencing Court be permitted i.e. one tables width from the pavement.  With the exception of Mr. Gimbert who objected to the matter Members approved the granting of a licence on this basis until the ownership of the land was resolved. 


FLY TIPPING             07/096               Consideration was given to a letter from Mr. Chris Burn a resident of Peel concerning fly tipping and refuse across the Isle of Man.  Mr. Burn was prepared to make an attempt to tackle the problem of fly tipping which Members felt was not a major issue within the town of Peel.  It was noted that Peel had its own “Clean Team” which set out on a periodic basis to clean areas of the town of litter.  Mrs. Pugh indicated that a further foray was scheduled for the following Saturday by the Peel Clean Team members. 


                                                              The Commissioners supported Mr. Burn in his attempts to tackle the problem of fly tipping which was perceived as a more rural issue than one affecting the towns.  It was suggested that he may wish to contact the Department of Local Government and the Environment to obtain support in this matter.   


BUILDING                  07/097               Members noted receipt of correspondence

CONTROL                                           concerning the stability of 10 Station Road, Peel.  It was noted that Mr. Mansell, Environmental Health Officer had indicated that following investigation there had been no significant movement and that he advised that the structure was unlikely to cause a problem to adjacent properties.  NOTED


NON RESIDENT        07/098               Members noted receipt of a letter from the Isle

TRADERS LICENCE FEES                 of Man Office of Fair Trading concerning the issue of licences to non-resident traders during the summer season.  Members had no objection to the licence fee being increased as proposed. 





PEELONLINE            07/099               Members noted receipt of the website report

WEBSITE                                             for the period ending June 2007.  Website traffic was just over 10,000 visits per month.  NOTED


PLANNING                07/100               The following planning applications were

APPLICATIONS (FOR COMMENT) considered by the Members:-   


                                                              PA 07/0119 Temporary relocation of emergency only access gate to allow access for residents of elderly persons houses residential development under construction, Ballawattleworth Farm, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/001099 Change of use of vacant shop unit to shop/office for sale of overseas properties and insurance/financial services, vacant shop unit adjoining dental surgery neighbourhood centre, Ballawattleworth Estate, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/01152 Erection of two sun awnings to the front of property The Creek Inn, Station Place, East Quay, Peel.  It was noted that the awning contained an advertisement and was not as per the plan detailed in the application.  It was AGREED that this anomaly be referred to the Planners for their views.


                                                              PA 07/01115 Alterations to internal layout of former works to provide offices for new tenant, creation of new windows, new door openings and replacement of existing flat roofs and addition of dummy sloping roof together with re-cladding of attached store building Edward Loades Building, Ramsey Road, Peel. RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/01198 Removal of part of existing hedge to provide vehicular access to front garden, 4 Peveril Avenue, Peel. RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL.


                                                              PA 07/01179 Replace four front windows on the first and second floors with windows of identical appearance, Beach House, Crown Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/01191 Alteration of car parking area by creation of vehicular turning area and creation of one new space Reayrt Ny Keylley off Derby Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/01193 Erection of alternative type dwelling to that previously approved at Plot 128 Reayrt Ny Keylley off Derby Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/01192 Erection of alternative dwelling type to that previously approved at Plots 1 and 2 Reayrt Ny Keylley off Derby Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/001211 Creation of two terraces in the rear garden to bring second terrace up to level of adjacent garden and road level, 30 Douglas Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


PLANNING                07/101               The following decisions had been notified by

DECISIONS NOTIFIED                      the Planning Committee:-


                                                              PA 06/01805/B Conversion of existing dwellings and erection of an extension to side elevation to form eight self contained apartments with associated parking, 13 and 15 Atholl Street, Peel for Street Heritage Limited.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00818/B Alterations to 50 bed nursing home approved under PA 06/01404/B comprising changes to internal layout and window positions, extension of building to south-eastern end, alterations of flues and roof over lift shaft, creation of external enclosure for gas meter box, erection of boundary fence and creation of revised surface water drainage system, Ballatessan Meadow, Glenfaba Road, Peel for Heritage Homes Limited.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00507/B Demolition of existing outhouse in rear garden and erection of a rear extension and front porch, 40 St. Germans Place, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. O’Connor.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00759/B Erection of a conservatory, 20 Ballellis, Ballawattleworth Estate, Peel for Mrs. P Rigby.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00509/B Installation of replacement windows and doors to front elevation Peel Sailing Club, Promenade, Peel for Peel Town Commissioners.  APPROVED



                                                              PA 07/00577/B Installation of replacement windows to front elevation, Merchant House, 18 Castle Street, Peel for Mr. D J Griffiths.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00300/B Erection of a bungalow with integral garage land at the Gables, Rheast Lane, Peel for Mr. K Turner.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00587/B Alterations, installation of velux windows and creation of patio doors of rear elevation, 4 Albany Close, Peel for Mr. & Mrs. D R Irving.  APPROVED


                                                              PA 07/00774/B Construction of a pitched roof dormer to south elevation, Trelja, Heathfield Drive, Peel for Mr. D Bailey.  APPROVED


PA 07/00300/B            07/102               Members noted receipt of an Appeal against

ON APPEAL                                        the approval to permit the erection of a bungalow with integral garage land at The Gables, Rheast Lane, Peel for Mr. K Turner.  It was AGREED to make no comment on this application.


PA 07/00197/B            07/103               Members noted receipt of an Appeal against

ON APPEAL                                        the approval to discharge condition 1 of PA 05/00665/R to retain container at Heathfield Yard, Patrick Street, Peel.  It was AGREED to make no comment on this Appeal application.


PA 06/1658                 07/104               Members noted receipted og Planning

ON APPEAL                                        Appeals Inspector’s decision with regard to Peel Properties Limited application to construct two single storey industrial units with additional car parking at land off Stanley Mount, Peel.  The Minister having considered the Inspector’s report had concurred with his decision and dismissed the Appeal and confirmed that the refusal of the application be confirmed. NOTED


ISLE OF MAN            07/105               Members noted receipt of the Isle of Man

STRATEGIC PLAN                             Strategic Plan prepared by the Planning Section of the Department of Local Government and the Environment.  NOTED


ISLE OF MAN            07/106               The Town Clerk referred to an actuarial

LOCAL GOVERNEMNT                    valuation seminar by Hymans Robinson

PENSION SCHEME                            concerning the current value of the local government pension scheme.  The seminar was scheduled for the 21st August 2007 at 6.30p.m.  The Town Clerk indicated he would attend and an invitation to Members was open. NOTED


PEVERIL                     07/107               The Town Clerk referred to the entrance to

TERRACE                                            Peveril Terrace and indicated that the former gatepost to the northern access had been undermined and appeared to be in possible danger.  The matter had been referred to the Department of Transport for possible repair as the stone gated pillar was in the middle of Peveril Terrace and Mount Morrison.  However it transpired that the Highways Division had indicated that the walls and pillars were not part of the highway and would not fall under its remit for repair.  It was the Departments’ view that the pillars came under the control of the local authority.  The Town Clerk however advised that the pillars were not the responsibility of the local authority as the Commissioners did not own the walls or the pillars.  On that basis it was suggested that the pillar be removed.  It was however suggested that it may form an historical feature and it was AGREED that the paperwork be handed to Mr. Lace to refer to the next meeting of Manx National Heritage Trustees.  


REFUSE                      07/108               The Town Clerk tabled a letter from a resident

GLENFABA ROAD                             with attached photographs indicating a proliferation of refuse at the top end of Glenfaba Road which had arisen from plastic bags having been ripped open by seagulls.  Mrs. Sweeney indicated that the property concerned belonged to her son and that there was a lot of steps through the yard and house hence the inability to utilise a wheeled refuse bin.  It was noted that the refuse sacks were put out on the morning of collection but this did not prevent the gulls from ripping the sacks open and creating a litter problem.  Mr. Lightfoot suggested that contact be made with the Wildlife Officer to confirm once more the nuisance caused by these feral birds with a request that a cull of seagulls be considered. 



FORMER                    07/109               The Chairman indicated that the former

LEGENDS SHOP                                 Legends Building whilst remaining unoccupied

MICHAEL STREET                             was somewhat of an eyesore with mail left behind the door and the windows remaining unclean.  It was AGREED to refer the matter to the estate agents to see if something could be done to improve the situation.


                                                              Arising therefrom the Chairman commented that the re-surfacing of Michael Street had been completed to a high standard.


                                                              This part of the meeting ended at 8.25p.m.