The MINUTES of a BOARD MEETING held in the Board Room, Town Hall, Derby Road, Peel on Wednesday 7th March 2007 at 7.00p.m.


Present                         Mr. D J Lace (Chairman)

                                    Mr. I H Baker

                                    Mrs. T M Birkett  

                                    Mr. R M Gimbert

                                    Ms. P Hardman

                                    Mr. J E Lightfoot

                                    Mrs. C A Moughtin

                                    Mrs. P S Sweeney       


Apologies                     Mrs. P Pugh         


In attendance                Mr. P G Leadley (Town Clerk)

                                    Mr. J T Quayle (Technical Officer)


MINUTES                   06/422               The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2007 were taken as read and CONFIRMED subject to an amendment to Minute 06/396 (page 5) where the word approved with regard to PA 06/01477/D was deleted and the word refused substituted.


BOUNDARY              06/423               The Town Clerk referred back to Minute

REVIEW                                               06/389 and indicated that a request had been made to the Boundary Committee to suspend its work due to the submission of a Constitution Bill by Mr. J D Cannan, MHK.  It had been agreed that the Boundary Committee’s work would be suspended until the outcome of the Bill was known. 


REAYRT                     06/424               Mr. Quayle referred back to Minute 06/403 and

AALIN                                                  reported the work to repaint Reayrt Aalin Estate would be advertised to interested parties over the next two weeks.  It was anticipated the scheme would be completed within two months. 


ROAD TRAFFIC        06/425               Consideration was given to a draft Order

REGULATION ACT 1985                   entitled Parking Places (Peel) (Roads, Streets and Carriageway) Amendment Order 2007 which removed one disabled parking place to be replaced with a short term parking adjacent to the Post Office, Douglas Street. Peel.  The Board had no objection to the draft Order. 


                                                              Consideration was given to a request for comments from the Department of Transport Highways Division in respect of a proposed Road Closure Order for Peel Carnival scheduled for 12th August 2007.  The Board had no objection to the proposed Order. 


                                                              Consideration was given to the proposed road closure Order for the Clerical Medical Parish Walk scheduled for the 23rd June 2007.  Members had no objection to the draft Order.


                                                              Consideration was given to a draft Order under the 1985 Act which made the area immediately in front of St Patrick’s Church a no waiting area at any time except for church vehicles.  Members had no objection to the draft Order.


                                                              Consideration was given to a draft Order imposing a no waiting restriction on a section of Christian Street immediately in front of Gayles Fayre and the chip shop.  Mrs. Sweeney indicated that it had been suggested that the pavement in front of Gayles Fayre could be reduced to provide a possible lay-by for vehicles.  It was AGREED to refer this matter to the Department accordingly.


ANTIQUES AND       06/426               Members noted receipt of a letter from Mrs.

ARTS CENTRE                                    Eileen Wilson who was involved in the establishment and promotion of a new antiques and arts centre in Peel.  The centre would be located on the corner of Castle Street and Crown Street and would provide a base for thirty specialist dealers in antiques and Manx arts.  Mrs. Wilson was keen to promote this new enterprise which would be open seven days a week in the summer and targeted as a tourist and local attraction.  It was suggested that the enterprise could advertise the business on the Commissioners Peelonline website and also look to provide a link to this site if it operated its own website.


                                                              Discussion ensued over signposting and it was suggested that a fingerpost sign, supported by Peel Heritage Trust, could be established at the new harbour footbridge.  The Commissioners were prepared to assist financially in the provision of the sign if other interested parties helped with the cost of the specific signs to be displayed on the pole.  It was AGREED that the cost of a new sign be costed out and the Commissioners indicated their favour in progressing this matter. 


HOUSING                  06/427               Consideration was given to a request from Mr.

ESTATE                                                Joe McLouglin of Heritage Homes Limited

BALLAWATTLEWORTH FARM       with regard to the proposed name for the new housing estate of 173 units in and around Ballawattleworth Farm.  After discussion the Board AGREED that the name of the estate should be Reayrt Ny Keylley meaning Wood View in Manx.  Members favoured the Manx interpretation being the name of the estate. 


PLANNING                06/428               The following planning applications were

APPLICATIONS FOR COMMENT    considered by the Commissioners:-


                                                              PA 07/00239/B Installation of timber gate and door to replace existing iron gates, 20/22 Michael Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00295/B Erection of a satellite dish, 22 Shore Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00299/B Removal of rear window and brickwork and installation of uPVC French doors, 11 Stanley Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00332/B Installation of dormer windows to front and rear elevations, 21 Michael Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00340/B Installation of a new front door, Castle View, Victoria Terrace, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00280/B Change of use to tourist accommodation, Apartment 3, Chapel Court, Christian Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00300/B Erection of detached chalet bungalow with integral garage, The Gables, Rheast Lane, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 06/01214/B Amended drawings submitted in respect of a conversion of garage/workshop into living accommodation including extension to rear, garage and yard, 8 Circular Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00357/B Replacement of wooden patio doors with white uPVC patio doors at back of house, 46 Michael Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00368/B Replace upper floor window with uPVC to match right hand window and replace right hand upper floor window with uPVC to match front elevation, 23 Shore Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00369/B Additional use as self catering tourist accommodation (all year round), 23 Shore Road, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00376/R Retention of windows and doors as installed, 21 Church Street, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00349/B Alterations, raised roof to create first floor living accommodation, construction of bay window and porch canopy, 7 Ballaquane Park, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


                                                              PA 07/00386/B Extend existing garage footprint and erection of first floor extension above, 2 St. Patrick’s View, Peel.  RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL


PLANNING                06/429               The following decisions had been notified by

DECISIONS NOTIFIED                      the Planning Committee:-


                                                              PA 06/02132/B Installation of uPVC casement windows and door to replace existing to front elevation, 22 St. Germans Place, Peel for Mr. W Moughtin.  APPROVED.


                                                              PA 06/02162/B Replacement of a wooden flag pole with a 6 metre steel flag pole with shrouded antennas with associated equipment cabinet, Public Conveniences, Breakwater, Peel for Cable and Wireless Isle of Man Limited.  APPROVED.


                                                              PA 06/02152/B Combining unit two and three into one unit and creation of a window on south elevation of the Longhouse, Quirks Coalyard, Smithy Site, Viking Longhouse, Harbour View, East Quay, Peel for Street Heritage Limited.  APPROVED.


                                                              PA 06/02001/B Installation of uPVC sliding sash windows to front elevation and casement windows to rear elevation to replace existing 22, Derby Road, Peel for Maria Stringfield.  APPROVED.


                                                              PA 06/01730/A Approval in principle for the erection of twenty detached dwellings and six (affordable) semi detached dwellings, land adjacent to Croit ny Greiney, Douglas Road, Peel for Mr. B K Corlett.  REFUSED.


PA 06/01730/A           06/430               Members noted that the Minister of the

ON APPEAL                                        Department of Local Government and the Environment had accepted an Appeal against the decision to refuse permission for approval in principle for the erection of twenty detached dwellings and six (affordable) semi dwellings on land adjacent to Cronk ny Greiney.  Members noted that a letter objecting to the application had been previously submitted and it was AGREED to reaffirm this position due to the current difficulties over the disposal of surface water. 


PA 06/01658/B            06/431               The Minister for the Department of Local

ON APPEAL                                        Government and the Environment had accepted an Appeal against the decision to refuse permission for the construction of two single storey light industrial units, creation of additional car parking, landscaping and widening of site entrance on land off Stanley Mount, Peel.  It was AGREED to make no comment on this application.


RENT AND                 06/432               Members noted receipt of a letter from the

ALLOWANCES 2007                          Department of Local Government and the Environment dated 19th February 2007 indicating that the Council of Ministers had confirmed local authority rent increase of 5% for the rent year 2007/2008.  It was further noted that the maintenance allowance remain at 33.3% of rents collectable and that the administration allowance could be increased from 5% to 7.5% of rents collectable if the housing authority could demonstrate a commitment to the implementation of housing performance standards. 


WATER                       06/433               Upon enquiry from Mr. Lightfoot the Technical

SEPARATION SCHEME                     Officer advised that the contractors dealing with the Water Separation Scheme in Peel were seeking a four week extension from the Department of Transport in respect of the road closure for Albany Road.  Mr. Quayle indicated that at a meeting last week with the contractor and the Department it had been reported that the work was on schedule and anticipated to be completed by the May deadline date.  The extension had arisen as road closure Orders were submitted in stages.  Mr. Crookall, MHK indicated that as far as he had been advised the contractor was in fact three days ahead of schedule. 


                                                              Arising therefrom Mr. Lightfoot suggested that contact be made with Mr. Crookall and Mr. Hannay, Director of Highways to agree a date to discuss the Peel Traffic Plan.  AGREED


SEWAGE IN               06/434               Mr. Gimbert referred to the Press report and

PEEL HARBOUR                                 photographs of sewage in Peel harbour and indicated that steps should have been taken to obtain water samples.  NOTED


FREEDOM OF           06/435               Mr. Gimbert confirmed he had attended the

INFORMATION                                  public awareness meeting the previous week in which a leading UK expert had given a presentation on freedom of information and its impact on Government Departments and local authorities.  It appeared that in future if such legislation was approved in the Isle of Man, minutes discussed in private (In Committee) once approved could become subject to public scrutiny.  The Data Protection Act covered the protection of certain information.  NOTED


GOLDEN                    06/436               Mr. Gimbert indicated that along with the

JUBILEE TRUST                                  Town Clerk he had attend a presentation organised by the Golden Jubilee Trust in which it was proposed that a Champion of Youth post be established  in each local authority area whereby that person would be the prime contact with the youth of the area.  Mr. Gimbert suggested that either a Commissioner or possibly the Town Warden could be designated as the post holder.  Mrs. Sweeney suggested that this new role could be considered in the near future when the various Commissioners appointments for the ensuing municipal year were agreed.


PEEL HILL                  06/437               Mr. Gimbert indicated that he understood the gate at the back of Peel Hill servicing the shell disposal shute was not affixed correctly.  Mr. Quayle indicated that this was not the case.


WATER                       06/438               Comment was made over the condition of many

SEPARATION SCHEME                     of the roads in Peel as a result of the work being undertaken with regard to the Water Separation Scheme.  A number of pot holes had occurred and Mrs. Sweeney indicated that Stanley Road had been affected due to the extra traffic movement in both directions.  The matter had been raised with the Western Traffic Management Liaison Group.


BRA DASH                 06/439               Mr. Lightfoot indicated that many of local authorities on the Island were involved with the charitable fundraising “Bra Dash”.  The event was scheduled for 16th March 2007.  NOTED


                                                              This part of the meeting ended at 7.50p.m.