18 04, 2017

New cover photo


Many thanks to muppix.net for allowing us to use their aerial image of Peel Castle with the whole of Peel in the background as our new cover photo. What a great first impression to be able to show people who come across Peel through our website.

New cover photo2017-04-18T15:23:04+01:00
14 04, 2017

Orienteering in Peel – new page on website


We've added a new page to Peel Online setting out forthcoming opportunities to try out orienteering in Peel. We hope lots of people will come and try out our new permanent courses and get involved in developing this great adventure sport on the Island.

Orienteering in Peel – new page on website2017-04-14T10:44:38+01:00
11 04, 2017

Launch of New Orienteering Map on Peel Headlands


A permanent orienteering course has been installed on Peel Headlands. The launch of this course will take place on Easter Monday (17 April) between 10am and 11am. The maps will be available from the old swimming pool end of Marine Parade and will cost £1. Children wishing to take part must be supervised by an [...]

Launch of New Orienteering Map on Peel Headlands2017-04-12T07:19:30+01:00

Welcome to the new Peel.Online

We hope you find things are quite familiar from the old site, and now much easier to use on your phone and tablet. Please let us know of any problems.
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