The Commissioners and their contractors have prioritised domestic refuse collection as a key function. This will see the routine collection of waste continue for as long as is possible using all the binmen contracting staff supplemented by the Commissioners’ manual worker staff resources. Bin collections will occur as normal and residents are advised to sanitise bin handles when they put their bins out for collection and prior to bringing back from the kerbside to their property.  The Commissioners were advised the Western Civic Amenity Site and bring banks in Peel would not be in operation from Friday 27 March. The Commissioners are aware the closure of these waste facilities and with more people at home there is a risk residents will generate more domestic waste which they are unable to fit in their bin. PLEASE NOTE: The Commissioners WILL NOT collect any additional side waste left next to bins  in bags and residents are requested to use their normal bins and commissioners’ sacks. only at this time.