Here are the numbers of votes polled by each of the 12 candidates competing for 7 seats on the Board of Peel Town Commissioners today.

Terence William Bennion: 411
Derek Philip Cannon: 382
Edward Cyril Convery: 592
Ian Grieg Davison: 782
Kenneth David Diack: 451
Hazel Hannan: 799
Benjamin Timothy Heath: 630
Alan Glyn Jones: 814
David James Lace: 482
Christine Anne Moughtin: 693
Leonard John Blackie Spencer: 350
David Roger Willis: 388

So the seven elected candidates are:

Edward Cyril Convery
Ian Grieg Davison
Hazel Hannan
Benjamin Timothy Heath
Alan Glyn Jones
David James Lace
Christine Anne Moughtin