Peel Town Commissioners considered the request from the mobile butchers for an extension of their street trading licence for Peel at last Thursday’s Board meeting. The extension of the trading licence was refused for the following reasons:

  • The Commissioners are responsible for ensuring their actions and policies support the long term sustainability of the retail “high street” area in Peel. Currently there are a number of vacant premises in the town for which private landlords are seeking interest from retail tenants who wish to occupy these empty properties. These premises could be occupied by a butcher wishing to trade in Peel.
  • In 2016 Peel had four retail premises offering butcher products for sale. When the regeneration works commenced in 2016 the independent butcher shop in Douglas Street closed and the Commissioners welcome the return of an independent butcher’s shop in Michael Street which opened on 2 March 2018.
  • The street trading licence costs £5 per month which give persons operating out of mobile facilities a competitive financial advantage over those who operate out of existing shop premises who must pay rent for the property they occupy and business rates for operating a business in the town.
  • The Commissioners’ long standing policy for the issuing of street trading licences must ensure the level commercial playing field for shop operators is not adversely affected through issuing of low cost street trading licences. This is achieved by only issuing licences to mobile traders when existing permanent businesses occupying retail premises do not offer the same or equivalent services as the proposed mobile trader.
  • The Commissioners offer street trading licences to mobile traders for planned events which are likely to increase the number of visitors to Peel. At this time, there is inadequate demand from a group of mobile traders to set up a weekly market in Peel which would generate additional visitors to the town.

The Commissioners’ street trading policy was made clear to all interested parties including the mobile butcher in October 2017 when the mobile butcher first commenced trading in Peel. The street trading licence was issued on a monthly renewable basis to allow the Commissioners to review the situation once the long planned opening of a new permanent butcher occurred. The new butchers shop commenced trading on 2 March 2018 and the Commissioners’ meeting last week was the first opportunity for the Board to review the mobile butchers application for an extension of the street trading licence with the reinstatement of four shops selling butcher products in Peel.

The Commissioners hope this statement explains why the Commissioners unanimously refused the application for an extension to the mobile butcher street trading licence.