Peel Town Warden

Vacant position
Peel Town Warden has responsibility for parking control, to enforce the Dog Control Byelaws in Peel, arrange for the removal of abandoned vehicles from the Commissioners car parks, liaison with the relevant authorities over derelict/abandoned vehicles on the streets, litter control, issuing notices for hedge trimming, and issuing of tourist information.

Please contact Terry Quayle on


  • Dog Control – Please contact Phil if you are expriencing problems with dogs barking, fouling or being on the loose. Phil will either take direct action or liaise with the relevant authorities to solve the problem. For example:

    nuisance from dogs barking can be referred to environmental health;
    where dogs are on the loose, Phil will liaise with the Dog Warden;
    Phil can issue fines for dogs fouling in certain areas, and these powers are expected to be widened to all public areas following implementation of forthcoming legistation to enable on the spot fines.

    Remember – The 2010 byelaws prohibit access for dogs to the beach from 1 April to 30 September each year. Access is only allowed through the winter period. During the winter period dogs on Peel beach need to be under control and any fouling is to be dealt with by the owner straight away.

  • Phil is the Government’s designated official for Peel and can issue on the spot fines of £50 for littering. Anti-litter and pro-recycling campaigns are planned, beginning with work with the children at Peel Clothworkers school in September.
  • Other help and mediation – Phil is happy to be contacted to help members of the public who are struggling to deal with issues where they are unsure which organisation to contact for help. He will liaise with other organisations to get the right help, or advise who you should contact.
  • Phil monitors compliance with the byelaws on alcohol-restricted areas, and refers problems concerning anti-social behaviour to the local police.
  • Flytipping – the public can contact Phil anonymously to notify about flytipping. Call 471033
  • Vehicles – Under the road traffic act, cars on Commissioners’ land, such as car parks, must be taxed and in road-worthy condition. Phil will serve notices on cars to this effect, and failure to comply will result in cars being impounded to the government impound. This will incur fees of £45 plus government fees to retrieve the the vehicle.

    Remember – there is no charge for disposing of unwanted vehicles. Contact Phil on 471033 to arrange disposal.

  • On- and off-street parking control.
  • Phil liaises with property owners in relation to their obligation to trim hedges on their borders with the street, and issues notices for hedge trimming where appropriate.