Competition rules

Peel Online invites all photographers, locals or visitors, amateur or professional, to submit photographs taken in and around Peel throughout the year for inclusion in our photo competition.

Photographs should feature events, activities, people and happenings around the Town. Photos can be “newsworthy”, or they may be scenic or include wildlife reflecting the current season. Photographs included in Photos of the Month over the last year have included: the January storms, fireworks, the Carnival, Peel Day, Vintage Car Rally, the new year dip, building work around the town, and more…

The best photographs submitted each month will be displayed on Peel Online and the Peel Online Facebook page where they will be voted on by Facebook followers each month. The best will go forward at the end of each year to be judged to receive prizes. The best 3 photographs will secure a share of a £150 prize for the photographers.

Photographs will be judged on their merits in capturing life around the town, as well as the conventional compositional merits of photography.

Photographs should be submitted within the month they are taken, and by the end of that month. 

Contributors should supply their name, address and either telephone or email address, or be contactable through Facebook.

Photographs must be in digital format and supplied by email to

A maximum of 5 photographs per photographer per month applies.

The competition will be judged on photographs received up to the end of the calendar year, but may very according to the date of the Peel Commissioners’ Peel Achievers event.

Photographs will be displayed on the site as a “thumbnail”  and linked to a larger-sized image of around 1000 pixels wide or high. A file size of 150k in JPEG format is normally sufficient for clear display on a computer screen, and should be insufficient to enable site visitors to produce high quality prints from the image. 

Copyright will remain with photographer. Images should not have a copyright statement included on the image, unless it is small, unobtrusive and placed in one corner of the image. Peel Town Commissioners reserve the right to use photographs in publicity and marketing material, news releases, including as our Facebook cover photo; appropriate acknowledgement will be given.

Photographs containing children who might be identified must be accompanied by a statement that parental permission was requested, and has been given, to use the image on the web site.

Photographers should supply a caption or description to accompany the photograph, including names of the subjects. Children will not be named on the web site.

Peel Online has the right not to use any photographs that it deems to be potentially controversial or unsuitable in any way.

Commissioners, their relatives, staff of the Town Hall and Peel Online and their relatives, are welcome to submit photographs for use on the site but will not be eligible to receive a prize.

Judges will be nominated by Peel Town Commissioners, and their decision is final.

Some tips:
We will tend not to shortlist photos that are: not straight, very low resolution, too small, or include extraneous foreground objects that were not intended as part of the composition. We get lots of Peel Castle, Bay and Harbour photos, so we will only shortlist the stronger ones.