Get the new year off to a bracing start!

The new year in Peel traditionally starts with a quick dip in the bay, raising thousands for charity.

The Peel New Year Dip takes place on new year’s day at 12 noon on Peel Beach. Sign in outside the Sailing Club.

Forms for sponsors doing the dip can collected from and returned to the organisers Greens Jewellers at 37 Michael Street, Peel.  Isle of Man.  Tel. 01624843974. Or text to 07624 459835.


Our three charities next year receiving all our money collected are Peel Lifeboat, Multiple Sclerosis and Huntingtons Disease Association.  There is also a donation to the St. John Ambulance who come every year to cover the event.

The dip began on 1st January 1983 with a total of 4 dippers raising £50.00 for Multiple Sclerosis.

The number of dippers increased in the following years, as did the charities receiving money. The Peel R.N.L.I was added and then a third charity changing each year.

The “third” charities in the past have been Crossroads Care, Motor Neurone, Western Live-at-home, Special Olympics and Peel division of St John ambulance, Cruse Bereavement and many more.

In total the dip has raised over £100,000 through the kindness of many people.

The Peel Dip is an organised event for three specific charities, although it is apparent that some ‘dippers’ are using the event to raise money for other charities. Could the organisers ask that those taking part please support the three charities mentioned.

Peel Bay Dip is sponsored by The Cod and Castle