Members of the Board of Peel Commissioners

  • Chair of Commissioners:
    Ms C Moughtin

  • Deputy Chairman:
    Frank Crompton

  • Lead Members:

  • Finance, Operations and Staff Resource: Mr Harmer and Ms Hannan

  • Property and Asset Management: Mr Jones and Mr Crompton

  • Events and Commercial Innovation: Ms Kelly and Ms Heaton

Other appointments:

Peel and Western District Housing Committee Representatives: Mr A. Jones and Mr F. Crompton

Western Civic Amenity Site Representative: Mr Harmer (substituted by Ms Hannan when required)

Western Swimming Pool Representative: Mrs Moughtin

Youth: Ms V. Heaton

Municipal Association: Mr Jones

Christine Moughtin
Christine MoughtinChair of Commissioners
Frank Crompton
Frank CromptonDeputy Chair of Commissioners
Voirrey Heaton
Voirrey HeatonCommissioner
Ray Harmer
Ray HarmerCommissioner
Madeline Kelly
Madeline KellyCommissioner
Hazel Hannan
Hazel HannanCommissioner
Alan Jones
Alan JonesCommissioner
Derek Sewell
Derek SewellTown Clerk