Members of the Board of Peel Commissioners

  • Chairman:
    Alan Jones

  • Deputy Chairman:
    Ian Davison

  • Lead Members:
  • Finance and Staff Resource are Hazel Hannan and Eddie Convery

  • Properties and Asset Management are Ben Heath and David Lace

  • Works, Events and Commercial Innovation are Ian Davison and Christine Moughtin

Appointments to outside Bodies:

Peel & Western District Housing Committee:
Christine Moughtin and Alan Jones

Western Civic Amenity Site:
Ian Davison

Western Swimming Pool Board:
Ben Heath

Young persons representative:
Ben Heath

Peel Chamber of Trade & Commerce:
Hazel Hannan

Regeneration Committee:

Municipal Association:
Alan Jones

Peel Heritage Trust:
Christine Moughtin

Western Traffic Management Group:

Alan Jones
Alan JonesChair of Commissioners
I was born in Malaya where my Father was working as a Colonial Police Officer. My mother (Maiden name McDonald) was born in Gib lane in Peel. I attended Peel Clothworkers School before being sent to Boarding Schools in England. After school I joined the RAF then joined the Metropolitan Police.

After five years in London I transferred to the IOM Constabulary where I served for the next 25 years. During my service in the Constabulary I was a Police Federation representative for 20 years, 15 years as Chairman. I represented my colleagues on all matters concerned with pay, conditions of service and welfare matters.

I decided to stand for the Commissioners after discovering that there was a vacancy to be filled. I hope to use my experience to assist the Board in maintaining Peel’s unique community spirit, to try to encourage industry and trade in Peel and to assist any individual who feels that I could assist with a problem.

Ian Davison
Ian DavisonDeputy Chair of Commissioners
Address: Thie yn Schoill, Derby Road, Peel IM5 1HP
Tel: 496121
Christine Moughtin
Christine MoughtinCommissioner
Commissioner for over 35 years, Chairperson on numerous occasions and served on all committees.

Have always had Peel’s interest at heart and will endeavour to strive for the best for Peel and its future.

Phone: 493637
Address: 18a Patrick Street, Peel IM5 1BR

David Lace
David LaceCommissioner
I have been on the board of the Peel Town Commissioners since 1995. I was born, and have always lived, in the west of the Island.

I work for the Manx Electricity Authority on shifts at the power station and have a business called Houseminder, which I started a few years ago. I have a daughter, called Deborah, who lives with my ex-wife Janice.

Edward Convery
Edward ConveryCommissioner
I am Manx, attended Ballakermeen and St Ninians Schools, and have lived in various parts of the Island, finally settling in Peel 15 years ago, which I love. I am a member of various local sporting clubs, and auditor to others.

I work part-time, having recently retired as Clerk to Castletown Town Commissioners, and therefore have 7 years knowledge of Local Authority functions/duties/challenges, many of which apply to Peel, which is facing a demanding future.

I will do my best for the people and prosperity of Peel.

Address: 30 Fuchsia Close, Peel, IM5 1GL
Phone: 843225

Ben Heath
Ben HeathCommissioner
I own and run Harbour Lights restaurants with my parents and I am married to Emily (née Killey) a nurse at Nobles Hospital. We have two young children who will grow up in Peel and this is my first time standing for local election. I have put myself forward to serve as a commissioner as I believe I will be a sensible voice for our community. I want to ensure that over the coming years, as more responsibilities are farmed out from central government to local authorities, that we have the right board of representatives making the right choices for Peel.

As a newcomer to local politics I would be keen to hear your thoughts and concerns and will always make myself available to hear what you have to say about the beautiful place in which we live.

Hazel Hannan
Hazel HannanCommissioner
Derek Sewell
Derek SewellTown Clerk