Tony Hemming and Neil Matthews both played a significant role in the history of Minimoto. Between them they introduced the UK to the world of Minimoto and more importantly, came up with the concept of minimoto sidecar racing that you see today.

It all first started as a bit of a gimmick when Tony Hemming, the sole imported of the original Efco minimoto’s, got hold of an Efco powered sidecar. This had the same engine in as the current Paul Godward Trophy bikes you still see today – a 40cc 2.5-3hp strimmer engine. Over a period of time a few more outfits sprang up at our little meetings of around 10 – 15 riders and we started racing.

Neil dedicated a huge part of his life to the sport, and even formed the MMRA (Minimoto Racing Association of GB) This is where you see the classes today, running 80cc 2 stroke and 200cc 4 stroke motors. There have been some major progressions over the last few years including the splitting of the class to form the F1 and F2’s. The introduction of larger capacity engines and home-made frames that support an adjustable chassis length have all played a part in how the class has developed.

The next move forward has been designed and developed by Tamzine Hanks and her team. Following on from the family success of large sidecars, they have taken the sport and turned it on its head.