Peel Town Commissioners’ 2023 Dog Byelaws Become Operational on 24 July

Peel Town Commissioners’ new and amended 2023 Dog Byelaws came into operation at noon today (24 July 2023). A copy of the Byelaws can be viewed at the Town Hall or can be viewed electronically below:

Peel Dog Control Byelaws 2023

Peel Town Commissioners’ Byelaw Consultation 2022

The Commissioners’ consultation on the Byelaws concludes this Thursday (22 December 2022)

BYELAW CONSULTATION 7 November to 22 December 2022

The Commissioners consultation for reviewing the Byelaws for Peel commences today. The Byelaw consultation will encompass both general byelaws and dog byelaws. The Commissioners have arranged for a copy of the consultation questionnaire newsletter to be delivered by the Post Office to every postal address in Peel this week. The closing date for returning the consultation questionnaire newsletter to the Town Hall is 22 December 2022. The Commissioners will use the consultation responses from Peel residents and electors to add new Byelaws and amend the existing Byelaws. A copy of the consultation questionnaire newsletter is attached below:

PTC Byelaw Newsletter


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