Important! – Access and safety information

  • Be advised that not all areas marked on maps have public access and possession of maps does not indicate allowed access to areas of private property marked on the maps.
  • Be aware not all features are marked on the maps and it is an illustrated map designed for Orienteering activities in good visibility conditions.
  • Users of these Orienteering maps, courses & permanent control markers within the area of Peel do so entirely at their own risk. Users accept that they have no claim against Peel Commissioners or parties involved in setting up this course, as they cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, losses or damage that may occur whilst using the maps.
  • Users accept that Orienteering is an adventurous activity and that it may involve travelling over uneven surfaces and steps. All reasonable care must be taken when using the areas of Peel. Suitable footwear and clothing should be worn.
  • Please respect other users of Peel – walkers, runners, children’s play park users, etc.
  • Be aware that limited and restricted public access may occur at different times to areas of Peel due to safety requirements, maintenance work or other events.
  • Pay attention to public notices and follow all safety signage.
  • Inform someone of your intent to undertake this activity and the course you are planning to use.

Permissions for organised groups

People and groups wishing to organise private or public events using these maps must request permission from Peel Town Commissioners by contacting the Town Hall.

Organisers will need to demonstrate evidence of event insurance and risk assessment.