KAWASAKI A1R 250cc 1966

Two cylinder Two Stroke

This machine was brought back from NZ in 2009 to the Collins and Russell workshop where it was left until October 2012 when restoration started. The machine appeared to be all there but on closer inspection the engine had no internals. We hunted down a rebuilt crank from Dave Crussell in the USA and a gearbox from Hurley Wilvert also from the USA. Fahron Engineering made up new liners and reworked the cylinder heads. Just after Christmas 2012 we got 3 nice packages of A1R spares from previous owner Kiwi John Boote. Various parts from UK and USA were found to complete engine rebuild and Mick Jones from Motumbi in OZ supplied new fairing, seat and screen. We had new stainless steel spokes and period alloy rims laced up on the Island by Chris Proctor. The frame and bodywork was sprayed by our good friend Chris Molyneux at Crompton’s.

The rest of the cycle parts were cleaned and brought back to life or fabricated / made “in house” at our workshop in Douglas.


Displacement             247cc

Horsepower                40 bhp

Max rpm                    9500 rpm

Bore X Stroke            53 x 56mm

Carburetion                2 x 26mm Mikuni

Gears                          5 Speed

Weight                      109 kg / 240 lbs

Max Speed                140 mph