YN CRECK MOOAR! (The Big Sale) Sunday 3rd July 10am-5pm

For one day only, sell your stuff outside your house! You could sell unwanted items that need a new home or lovely crafty things that you’ve made (my daughter plans to sell paper flowers, for example). Some people might want to sell cakes, etc. It’s all good! Some people are planning to sell things to raise money for charity, others are just looking to cover the increased cost-of-living that we’re all facing.

Obviously any participants would have to make sure they aren’t obstructing the road with their table — so residents in central Peel will have to think about this. We’re going to set up across the road from our house, for instance, as there’s no pavement outside our front door. Also, please bear in mind that it’s your responsibility to look after your table of things. If anything is stolen or damaged then it’s not Peel Town Commissioners’ fault!

Events like this have been run successfully in mainland Europe for years, and are a great way of meeting people in the community, catching up on the skeet, and having a clear-out. What we’re hoping is that Peel will be full of pedestrians, all enjoying an enormous outdoor market.

If you’d like to participate then please pick up a poster (and a small leaflet regarding road safety and liability) from the Town Hall (or me or Voirrey Heaton :D ) and stick it in your window as soon as possible, so that your neighbours will know to visit your table on the day.

If this works then I’m hoping that next year we can add buskers into the mix as well, and get the whole of Peel partying.