30 03, 2020

COVID 19 Domestic Waste Collection in Peel


The Commissioners and their contractors have prioritised domestic refuse collection as a key function. This will see the routine collection of waste continue for as long as is possible using all the binmen contracting staff supplemented by the Commissioners' manual worker staff resources. Bin collections will occur as normal and residents are advised to sanitise [...]

COVID 19 Domestic Waste Collection in Peel2020-03-30T13:26:52+01:00
30 03, 2020

1 April Peel Beach Dog Walking Prohibition Postponed


The Commissioners have resolved during the COVID 19 restrictions to postpone the implementation of the prohibition of dog walking on Peel Town beach which would normally come into effect from 1 April. This will allow dog walkers to continue in their use of Peel beach for exercising their pets until the relaxation of COVID 19 [...]

1 April Peel Beach Dog Walking Prohibition Postponed2020-03-30T09:30:38+01:00
30 03, 2020

COVID 19 Peel Town Hall Operating Hours


The Town Hall will be operated by a member of Peel Town Commissioners' staff from Tuesday to Friday 9am  to 5pm each week from 31 March until the current Covid 19 restrictions are removed. This 3 day closure period of time over the weekend is required to reduce the liklihood of infection being spread between [...]

COVID 19 Peel Town Hall Operating Hours2020-03-30T08:42:30+01:00
21 03, 2020

Peel Campsite – Refunds and Opening


In light of Covid-19, refunds for monies paid for future bookings (except deposits, which are not refundable) can be applied for in writing to the Town Hall. Contact details are on the website: https://www.peelonline.net/where-to-stay/peel-campsite/ Alternatively, bookings made in full can be transferred to next year. The Campsite may be open at Easter as usual, dependant on [...]

Peel Campsite – Refunds and Opening2020-03-21T09:43:13+00:00
19 03, 2020

Events in Peel


Many events are now being cancelled due to Covid-19. We are not able to make sure that the event information on our pages and Facebook is all accurate all of the time. Please make enquiries before attending any events listed to check for postponement or cancellation.

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17 03, 2020

Event cancellations


Although the current government position is that "Due to the measures being introduced on Monday, at this stage government will not be placing any restriction on public gatherings", it is clear that some events are being cancelled or postponed. If you see event information on our Facebook page or this website that you know to [...]

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